Delta Innovation Teams is a collaboration between partners, led by Blue Turtles. We combine multidisciplinary talent to run great Delta Innovation projects and make concepts into a reality.

Blue turtles

Blue Turtle Associates” is a continuation of the successful “Pink Elephant” formula. While Pink gave an answer to the challenge and lack of expertise that arose due to the rise of ICT, Blue provides an answer to complex design issues that arise due to the emergence of the circular economy and energy transition.

The Blue Turtle Team consists of experienced consultants and program directors who, in addition to their work, also often have a relevant job in the business community, knowledge institute or government. This two-sided bond is the strength of the organization!

The (inter) national Experience & Expertise Centers and the MRDH Fieldlab infrastructure form a unique market window from which the team operates. In addition, Blue supports the team with services such as a joint online work environment


Suit-case helps a variety of organisations with strategic advice, concept development and project management. Developments succeed upon each other quicker than ever, organisations therefore need to know how to innovate in a better and quicker way. Many struggle to find a conclusive strategy to do so and to realise such projects. Suit-case challenges companies and themselves to balance hopeful strategies with the actual creation and implementation of ideas within everyday business. 

At the Delta Innovation teams, Suit-case brings their expertise network of young multidisciplinary teams and puts their skills to the test. They are the creators, designers and engineers of TEC factory concepts. A bridge between the partners of the TEC factory, potential customers and the concept creators.