The challenge

Trekschuit 2.0 uses existing water infrastructure of old inner-cities for logistics on the “last mile”. It uses existing waterways in the inner-cities to reduce logistic pressure on roads by transportation trucks. Calculations by CityHub show that for 68% of all road-transport kilometres in inner-cities water is a viable alternative. Trekschuit 2.0 uses an electric propulsion to support the clean and silent logistics in cities and to lower CO2-emission substantially.

The Trekschuit 2.0 project in innovative not because of the use of the most high-tech technologie, but by creating a new way of transporting cargo absent in the current logistics climate. The goal is a scalable and easy-to-enhance concept towards autonomous transportation. 


The design is created in close collaboration with our partners, representatives the entire logistics chain. Partners like Blue Line Logistics and Cityhub ensure the connections.

Other project partners showed ambitions to realise the project towards production as soon as the prototype is up and running, supporting a seamless transition towards scaling the concept. This way initiating serial production and all marketing ensure Trekschuit 2.0’s rapid growth.

The team

Together with the partners, the core-team consists of five engineers focussing on the concept development. The partners share their expertise as the need arrises during the development proces. 

The core-team consists of:
– Tomas, the project lead
– Iris, young expert in design
– Jan, young expert in maritime engineering
– Gijsbert, young expert in aeronautical engineering
– Wouter, young expert in mechanical engineering

Contact us

Peter de Vreede
Voorzitter TEC factory
+31 6 53 41 06 17
Tomas te Velde
DIT Project Lead Trekschuit
+31 6 55 30 76 62

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