The challenge

The TEC factory is a concept in development for circular and modular creation facilities. It offers an innovative and inspiring place for D:dream teams, start-ups and companies to turn their technological developments into prototypes and scale it.

The design of the TEC factory is develop from the ground up, by closely collaborating with architects, installers, renters and designers. This helps the designers to turn the TEC factory from an empty hall at the Schieweg 25 into an inspiring place for innovation to be built.


The concept of the TEC factory is currently being created through close collaboration with the partners below. Their knowledge supports the core-team of young delta innovators to create the experience and interior that will make the TEC factory truly unique, circular and flexible to the needs of our to-be visitors.

Het team

The core-team consists of five engineers focusing on the development of the interactive concept, businesscase and interior design of the TEC factory.

In the core-team are:
– Pieter, the project lead
– Artuur, the architect
– Kito, the architect
– Anne, the interaction and collaboration designer
– Casper, the business case designer

This is the current building, to-be repurposed into the TEC factory at the Schieweg 25.
Feel free to come visit us!


Frans van der Meijden
Managing Director D:Dreamhall
+31 6 14 01 54 21

Pieter Lenselink
Teamleider TEC factory
+31 6 12 47 50 00